Force® Trolling Motor, 57-inch elektrische motor

€ 4.248,99 € 3.599,00
  • With more power1 than its competition, it’s the most powerful trolling motor to get you on fish faster and counter the winds and current to stay on them
  • Extremely quiet high-efficiency brushless motor operates at 36 V or 24 V to keep you on the water longer
  • Simple chartplotter integration via wireless connection makes it easy to create routes to waypoints and to follow tracks
  • Precise anchor lock hols your boat in the same location while you fish via integrated heading sensor and GPS
  • Integrated high-wide CHIRP traditional and Ultra High-Definition ClearVü and Sidevü scanning sonars with nearly imperceitble sonar noise from interference
  • Wireless foot pedal provides instant control and responsiveness; it feels and steers like a cable-steered pedal
  • Handheld remote control features full-color, sunlight-readable transflective display and gesture steering for point-and-go navigation - and it floats
  • Robust design is built for long-lasting quality and reliability; limited lifetime warranty on the shaft
  • Quiet steering and overall operation 


1In compliance with ISO standard 13342